Saturday, October 31, 2009

Does This Work?

Does lucid dream restoration have an impact? I'll be doing more research into the practice of dreaming a balanced world. My sense is that people have done this for ages, and we've forgotten about it for a while. Last night I was reading in Healing Dreams by Marc Ian Barasch accounts of people healing their own bodies in lucid dreams. Here's an example recounted by a woman with debilitating plantar warts on her feet:

"'I am walking through [...] a museum... I think of my feet because they are hurting as I walk. I sit down on a wooden cube. Then I remember I can heal my feet. A ball of white light I had been visualizing before sleep appears around my hands. I put my hands on my right foot, and the light enters it, glowing golden from within. I hold it there for several seconds, then move to the left foot. Same process. It seems amazing and terrifying. The feeling is so intense that I wake up with my heart pounding.'

The next morning, the woman was surprised to feel no pain upon walking. She checked her warts and discovered they had uniformly turned black overnight. All fell off within ten days."
-p. 77

If one person can heal her body, I don't see why many of us can't heal the Earth.

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