Monday, September 21, 2015

Kid Dreams and Prophecy

by Isadora Duncan
One of the most rewarding aspects of longterm dream study is a greater understanding of my child's dreams. My six-year-old daughter inherited my dreaming tendencies. We share our dreams every morning, then record them into the phone, and then I type them all up. I've been doing this for myself since 2004, and for Bella since she started reporting her dreams at age 3.

One recent fascinating detail I noticed is that her prophetic dreams translate extremely quickly into waking reality, whereas mine take more time to occur. I do not know why this would be, but I wonder if adult dream bodies can venture "farther" in time and circumstances to receive the portent. Or maybe the distance I travel in dreams roughly approximates my waking life flights from the here and now.

Here are two examples that happened this month with Bella. First, Bella woke up and said, "Mom, I was just at a wedding. I couldn't see who was getting married, though." I know that in my dreaming history, weddings usually portend a death in the family. This is not a strictly personal portent, either. It's a transpersonal phenomena for people to dream about weddings when someone is going to "marry" a strong fate, which can often be death.

Later that day, a family member died.

I received the heads-up regarding the death of this family member back in April. The dream was extremely clear. I woke up and notified my family right away that this would happen, and then I wrote my dear relative a letter, knowing it would be our last correspondence. Inside the dream, I explained to someone that the dream usually manifests within 3-7 months. In this case, it was 4 months later.

I hate sounding so clinical right now. I feel great sadness and loss at the passing of my dear great aunt. A subsequent dream showed me how happy she was after she passed, so I like to think about that. She glowed with joy, and said that she was finally getting to discover what she loved to do. "I didn't tell her she was dead," I reported in the dream. "There was no need."

The second example happened just yesterday. My daughter dreamed of a fox. As soon as I heard this, I thought, "Uh-oh." She said, "A fox pushed me down an entire staircase. It was trying to catch a mouse, but it missed and pushed me down the stairs instead."

I had just awoken from a dream about delivering a mouse to a mouse sanctuary. Already the woo is strong with us. We'd discussed the night before about meeting up in a dream.

Foxes carry a lot of charge for me, but again, it's not personal. Foxes are a very tricky auspice, and often indicate major discomfort and complication in the waking world. So, I was on relaxed vigil for whatever came next for my daughter. Sure enough, last night was the worst night we'd had in a long time. A chronic health issue flared up for her, and she spent the night crying. We finally fell asleep around 2:00 am.

I am learning to consult the oracle (including dreams) without anxiety. When the reading is negative, inhabit love, practice "no preferences," and make dynamic use of the auspice.

I do not share the known meanings of my daughter's dream symbology with her so her dreams won't arise out of anxiety; I do not want anxiety to alter the dream content. Without knowledge of a personal dream dictionary, the auspices can shine through unfettered by scientific tracking and its attendant emotions. She can just be a little girl dreaming, but mom has a heads-up, which helps her, too.

I explained some of this to my daughter's dad, and he gave me an utterly dismissive look. I said, "You don't believe me." "Not at all," he said. We laughed. It's ok; I do not require anyone's belief, and neither do the lesser-known laws of physics.


(Beware of anyone who declares her own sanity, she declared sanely.)