Friday, October 30, 2009

Lucid Dreaming for the Earth

Welcome to Lucid Dreaming for the Earth! The purpose of this project is to make use of our lucid dreams for the betterment of the world. Together we can weave the fabric of the dream world to help support a balanced waking world, where habitats thrive with native wildlife, rivers run clean, and the air is pure.

I will use my own lucid dreams to illustrate what I mean by lucid dreaming for the Earth. But before I provide clear examples, I'd like to offer a few guidelines for how I treat the dreams. You're welcome to use them.

  1. Honor the spirit of the dream. Maintain its power by speaking about your dream with respect and care.
  2. Keep part of the dream for yourself in order to protect yourself and retain your power. Trust your instinct about what to share and what not to share.
  3. Respect the privacy of other dreamers. Dream sharing is an exchange. Please hold other people's dreams with integrity rather than voyeurism.
  4. Acknowledge your "big dreams" by making offerings those who have come to you. Make art, give a traditional offering from your culture, or say thank you another way.
  5. Give your dreams time to unfold. Dreams can take years to unfold, so be patient if the meaning of your dream is not immediately clear to you.
  6. Heed your dreams in waking life. Take action when appropriate to integrate and anchor your dreams into the waking world.
  7. Recognize elements of your dreams that show up in waking life so that these two aspects of life become more seamless.
  8. Learn the stories of your indigenous ancestors and of the ancestors whose land you inhabit. Our dreaming and waking lives can tell us what histories we are enacting if we know the stories and symbols that reside in our blood and our land.
  9. If you have a dream for another person, share it with him or her when appropriate. Don't be attached to the result of this sharing.
  10. Maintain respect for who or what you encounter in a lucid dream or out-of-body experience. The dream world is the real world.

Now let's dream!

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