Monday, November 2, 2009

Doing It for the Tule Elk and Buffalo

Last night I had several lucid dreams, even early in the night, which is rare for me. I'll focus just on the parts where environmental restoration is key. This dream is called "Doing It for the Tule Elk and Buffalo." And given what happens in the dream, I think the title's pretty funny:

I am talking about Brian MacGregor, a visual artist who paints brilliantly from his dreams, to a group of people. I say his paintings are wonderful, and his logic is not very sound. Then I am
lucid. I take a cute, random dream person by the hand and go to another room to sleep with him. (The sexual impulse is pretty common in lucid dreams, so I am not super shy about sharing it.) Then I remember that I am supposed to be working on habitat restoration. I say we can continue lovemaking, but we've got to direct it at bringing back the buffalo and tule elk. I take him to where the hills meet the beach. There are grassy spots where I picture the elk grazing. Sea oats sway in the breeze. It is good here. I repeat that we are doing this for the elk and the buffalo to come back.

Later (still within the dream), I am talking about my lucid dream in front of another group of people. I explain about the sexual part of my dream, and how it helped to have a plan in place so that I could redirect the focus back toward conservation. One of my friends says that it's good if I talk about the stumbling blocks I encounter in lucid dreaming because it will help people.


  1. a funny dream! but also an instructional one for the rest of us. having a plan is important, as well as flexibility about the plan when it is encountered in dreamspace. both/and! I also think that sexuality in lucid dreams is part of the experience -- sometimes it can be transmogrified for other purposes, but other times it is what it is.

    I've been lucid dreaming about the ocean recently too!

  2. Yes, how does one hold a plan in a flexible way? I will hold this as I go to sleep tonight.