Friday, October 30, 2009

Cleaning Up

Last night I had the following lucid dream:

I am walking through another cookie-cutter subdivision. I see a truck coming by, and I put my hand up, motion for it to pull over. I see there's dreamcatcher on the rear view mirror. Three guys hop out of the truck. I see trash in this neighborhood. I tell them we should pick it up. When they ask why, I say, "because this is the dreamworld, and everything originates from the dreamworld. So, if we clean it up here, we'll be cleaning up the other world, too." They agree, and together we collect a big bag of trash.

When I "woke up" from the dream, I immediately thought of a particularly trashed area in my neighborhood, and I knew I needed to clean it up today, to integrate this dream into the waking world. (I wanted to respect the dream by taking action.) Here are some before and after pictures from this, my first act of environmental lucid dreaming.

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