Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Wind

image from; the blue dot is the Earth relative to the Sun

I'd like to post this next lucid dream because it inspired such awe in me for the natural elements. I believe this awe is a precursor to caring enough about the world to dream it healed and whole. The dream is called "The Wind":

I'm ambling through my backyard when I see a poplar leaf fall from a limb and spiral down toward the ground. A breeze comes and carries it west as I watch in silent wonder. It suddenly occurs to me to ask, "Where does the Wind go?" The Wind lifts me into the air to answer my question. I now glide with the poplar leaf on its swirling, westward journey. The Wind picks up. I start soaring higher and higher into the air, and take in the scenery, growing ever distant below. Now I am ascending through the layers of the atmosphere--troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, ionosphere. The Wind whips me through space! There is Wind in outerspace! I have never thought of this before! The Wind's tremendous presence is always sweeping something somewhere. Its endless domain leaves me thunderstruck. I find myself generalizing this newfound respect to the other elements of this Earth--no, this Cosmos!--as well.

This dream, truly, is a blessing. I've been reveling in small breezes all week, and today I played a special song to the Wind on my pennywhistle as an offering of gratitude. As I write this, two ravens descend and caw outside my window, right where the lucid dream began. I thank these winged ones, embassadors of the Wind. They, too, are part of the dream.

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