Thursday, April 15, 2010

Praying in the Redwoods

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Recently I've lacked the gumption to do environmental restoration in the dream realm. More commonly in lucid dreams, I'll make some kind of silly proclamation, such as, "This is a dream!" and then look for a place to nap.

But as I've had the luxury of solid sleep for the past few days in a row, I finally decided to resume lucid dreaming for the Earth. Two nights ago, I had the following experience:

I see a small, hobbit-like door and walk through it. It opens to a beautiful scene of redwoods and waterfalls cascading over smooth river rocks. I stand in front of a big, mossy stump, and pray to the Spirit of the dream and the Spirit who moves in all things to take pity on us, as we've lost our way. Sending out a silent plea that the healing and repair work from the dream world will filter into the other, (supposedly) solid land, I picture our world in balance. I turn toward the Sun and see a lake with trash floating in it. To the north, I look up at a stone fortress built into a hillside or cliff. I try to play the penny whistle as an offering, but find that my skills here are even worse than in the waking world. Instead, I offer words of gratitude, and hope that other people are praying the same prayer.

*Something I thought to do for next time is to make offering bundles of tobacco to place under my pillow so that I can present them within the lucid dream. Perhaps simply generating them inside the dream would be enough, but I believe having the physical objects under my pillow will help. I must also perform some action in waking life to ground the experience in physical reality, or the dream is of little use. I'll keep you posted on that. In the meantime, do any of you have experiences of making offerings in dreams/lucid dreams?


  1. Hi Erin,
    I like your idea of making an offering to someone in a lucid dream. I've never thought of doing that. You might try posting it on the Mortal Mist forum ( to see if any of them have tried it. Many of them are really into experiments such as that.

  2. Thanks, John. I will wander over into the mortal mists just as soon as I pass my final tomorrow! :-D

  3. Hope you passed your final, Erin! I had a non-lucid dream recently that reminded me of your blog, since it had to do with nature and how people modify it to suit their needs: