Thursday, January 7, 2010

Army of Dreamers

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Lately I have not been sleeping because my baby is teething. I have been so physically exhausted that a recent lucid dream went something like this:

I see a lady and say, "I'm so tired. " She says, "Yep. You can't sleep." And I decide to exit the dream in favor of more restful dreaming.

However, I do have two short examples of lucid dreaming for the Earth that have occurred during the past month, which I will offer here to keep the energy moving in the right direction. The first is straightforward enough:

I am staring at the sapling frame of a shelter that someone has built in the center of the labyrinth in my parents' backyard. I realize I'm dreaming and start praying for the healing of the land here. When I call in the directions, the wind starts to blow. Though the landscape seems sad and somewhat desolate, the wind feels good, like the prayer has been acknowledged.

In the second lucid dream, I see a small troll-looking person who becomes uglier and uglier as I look at him. I ask the dream in a prayer, "What is the next step for lucid dreaming for the Earth?" Immediately, a battalion of trolls pours out of a stairwell past me. The leader troll continues to look at me.

All I can think is that dreaming for the Earth takes an army. Got any other ideas?


  1. It could have something to do with the fact that we're often more interested in the beautiful life forms of our world than in the ugly ones. But the plants and animals we don't see as beautiful may be just as important, or even more important, for us to conserve. There may be an ugly toad or fungus somewhere that possesses chemicals capable of curing cancer or other serious diseases.

  2. How true! Man do I love mushrooms. Maybe even oil spills and that sort of ugliness ultimately brings us together.