Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stumbling Blocks

It never occurred to me I might be dreaming as I took the dragon flight to Venus. No, it wasn't until I was on an ordinary elevator that I realized, "Hey! I'm dreaming!"

The elevator doors closed behind me; I'd just been separated from the people I was walking with. I pressed the button for floor 20, hoping I'd catch up with them. Then, somehow, I woke up to my own dreamscape and the dilemma ceased to matter. I closed my eyes and said, "Florida," remembering my desire to preserve the woods I romped in as a kid. I was hoping the terrain would shift, and I'd find myself in familiar Florida turf. But I was too excited, and ended up back in my own bed.

I'm sharing my stumbling blocks to lucid dream conservation because this dream told me to. The obstacles are not just what I encounter in the dreamworld, but the way I choose to conduct myself under the conditions presented to me. I feel I've been going about it wrongly. First, I've been nearly ignoring my dream environs and attempting to co-opt the whole scene to suit how I picture I can most effectively create change. Instead, I should approach the situations I encounter with curiosity, even if I find myself in an elevator. After all, dream logic and waking logic differ pretty significantly. Maybe I don't always have to literally clean up trash in the dream world to clean up the Earth. I'm not blind to more oblique or magical means--I have just been doing what occurs to me in the dream, which sometimes, honestly, isn't very much.

And here is a second scenario from last night. I find myself in the living room of my parents' house. My dad is speaking with a famous woman elder and Earth activist. Now, you'd think I would have listened to the words of this wise woman, or thought to ask her advice. Instead, I interrupt their conversation. I say, "Excuse me, I'm sorry to interrupt, but this is a dream! [Duh. I think I can stop pointing this out to folks every time I realize it.] Do you mind if we hold a prayer circle?" So, we take hands and pray. Here the dream ends.

Twice I thwarted the potential for healing by getting in my own way. Note to self: Show a little humility. Be curious and respectful! Have patience.

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