Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I See Dead People

image by David Haworth

I just returned from hanging out with a bunch of "dead people." Lots of folks, all of similar age (around 30), mingle in a cafe. I ask around to determine the state of the spirits around me, and there's a general consensus that everybody's dead.

I see one girl, to whom I feel an immediate connection, and ask her, "Does this mean I'm dead, too?" The question is more out of curiosity than concern. She says, "Either that, or I'm in the dream world." We smile at this realization, and conclude that this is probably the case.

The people gather together to see off a friend, who is about to be born on Earth again. We gather and look into the dark forest, where there is an orange sun-like object, concealed by the trees. I ask what it is, and someone replies, "I think it is our ancestors here to bless us."

My new friend and I are standing together in the center of the room now. I wish her the best possible circumstances for her next birth. The statement moves us both. She hugs me, and tells me her name. I tell her mine, and we both continue on our respective journeys. (I wake up.)

I'm learning more and more than any sincere, natural act of kindness is lucid dreaming for the Earth. Whether or not we're dreaming makes no difference.


  1. Im wondering has anyone dreamed death, and what next ? I mean ive died in a few dreams, sometimes its been really horrible accidents and the imminence of my end makes me express love love love to anyone around me... but ive never seen beyond that.. what do you think >? thanks . Luciana

    1. Seems like those dreams gave the great gift of being present and grateful with our loved ones and our life. Thanks for sharing, Luciana.

  2. Everyone dreams death, i.e. we die. Some people of experience do this intentionally, and select their time. We see a more complete world every time we dream. One can say that we practice dying every time we dream, except that not all of the spirits leave the body. It really is all one experience, life, death, sleep, wake.

    I have had dreams of being between incarnations, in which I am saying prayers for auspicious birth circumstances. In one dream, I actually entered a womb and went through the grueling initiation of birth.

    Death is not so different from life. We experience all realms of existence in "both" places. You can read about how we experience these realms in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. We feel 'em all every day, and we are all part of the same experience at all times.

  3. This post reminds me of the movie "Made In Heaven" which was made in 1987. After watching said movie last night, upon falling asleep I was greeted with a variety of lucid dreams leading me to read up on lucid dreams today. In turn, that lead me to this blog, thus presenting me with a total feeling of oneness last night.
    I believe everything in this universe is connected and the vast wealth of human experience must indeed be passed on to future generations through the medium that is our subconscious dreaming minds and perhaps we all have a place within each other and ourselves. Death is merely a phase of that cycle.
    Well anyways, if you haven't seen this movie then you should as you might find it interesting. I am rather biased due to the emotional impact my experience has had upon me, though. You might think of it as complete tripe for all I know. :)

    1. For some reason, I am just seeing your comment. Thanks a lot for your insight, John! I will definitely watch the movie. I am also glad for your feeling of oneness. :-)