Friday, January 7, 2011

Lucid Dreaming for All Sentient Beings

John Lund/Bend images

While visiting family in Florida for Christmas, I had lucid dreams almost every morning of my ten-day stay. They happened with the sunrise; I felt the clear yang rise with my consciousness as I dreamed.

I had some very mystical experiences in lucid dreaming and in waking on my trip to my childhood home. It's easy to become enchanted or distracted by such experiences. I understand them as naturally arising magic, both normal and miraculous in the way that everything is.

In these lucid dreams, I got to the very heart of the matter. I became a prayer for the healing of all sentient beings. As the words arose from my heart, I became them.

In one potent dream, I was pure energy, shot out from a large, government satellite dish. As I traveled over the Earth, praying for suffering to be lifted from all sentient beings, light came from my hands and body, and covered the parts of the Earth as I passed over them.

I learned two very cool things from this dream. First, I saw that unseen beings make use of all physical objects constructed on Earth. Of course spirits use the feng shui of everything from satellites to drain pipes. But, I'd never had such an imminent experience of this.

Secondly, I learned that praying for the healing of all sentient beings pretty much covers it. I'm covered, you're covered, the natural world is covered, everybody's covered. Each time I've made the prayer, I have become its grace. It's so beautifully simple, and we can do it any time.


  1. Those are amazing experiences, Erin! Becoming pure energy must have been amazing.