Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Calling on My Inner Energy

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I got the idea to ask for a doctor inside a lucid dream from Robert Waggoner's Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self. However, I didn't read far enough along to discover that this method does not usually work! Before going to sleep last night, I happened to open his book to the page that outlines lucid dream healing techniques that tend to succeed and those that tend not to. I'd like to share them here. (And his book is full of these gems.)

He explains on page 172 that people who are most likely to succeed in lucid dream healing display the following attitudes and behaviors:

1. a positive expectation or positive belief about possible success
2. greater "surrendering" to the lucid dream and acceptance of its flow and intuited information
3. the use of healing techniques they can perform with their own actions
4. a willingness to call on inner energy

Conversely, those less likely to succeed exhibit these attitudes and behaviors:

1. a neutral expectation or belief about their success; a possible expectation of failure
2. greater rigidity to the lucid dream and its flow (for example, they refused advice, symbols, or items offered them in the dream seemingly because it conflicted with waking assumptions and beliefs)
3. use of healing techniques they could not perform personally (they needed to "find" the healing place, the doctor, or the healing liquid); the healing seemed more external to them and could not be performed by their own action

So last night, when I went to sleep and found myself in a lucid dream, I decided to call upon my own inner energy, as well as that of the dreamscape to heal my back. Immediately, I felt a rush of vitality, like a spring of light bubbling into the affected areas. Pictures of my life that I believe directly relate to the ailments also arose in my field of vision. My second attempt at physical healing felt much more effective. My back pain is gone.

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