Monday, November 29, 2010


This post is from about a year ago. I'm republishing it because I have a greater understanding of its message now:

I've had two lucid dreams in which dream figured have told me that I have cancer. I wrote about one of these dreams because of its link to practical healing applications for the Earth, but I did not write about the other because of its personal nature and, frankly, because it scared me. When a friend invited me to be part of her dream group, she gave us an article about Wanda Burch's precognitive dreams that diagnosed her cancer. She pushed her doctors for more rigorous testing after initial tests turned up nothing, and her insistence saved her life.

After these three examples of similar information appeared in close proximity to one another, I began to believe that I should go get checked out myself. Oneida/Frank elder Apela Colorado calls this "triangulation," where a grouping of three mutually-reinforcing incidents guide a person to take information seriously. After triangulating the message to investigate my health, I prayed, "Please make it clear to me if I need to take this seriously."

The following day, I received in the mail a glossy, black and white advertisement in the mail that said boldy and simply on one side, "CANCER." I also received an email about breast cancer that morning. I write this blog not out of fear, nor to elicit fear, but to show how elders taught me to work with triangulation in dreams and waking life. I took action to anchor these synchronicities by going to see the doctor, who told me that I am healthy.

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